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Get acquainted with the province of Bukidnon with this online class and virtual tour package. Bukidnon is known as the fruit and vegetable basket of Mindanao, as it is home to many rice, corn, sugarcane, and pineapple plantations. This package is perfect for those planning an actual visit there, as it comes with 4 60-minute online sessions that will help give you a basic understanding of the province’s language, history, traditions, and cuisine, as well as virtually tour you around its attractions.

The schedule of these sessions is flexible, so you can plan them according to your routine. You may book one class a day for 4 consecutive days, every other day, or even once a week. After you have decided on a schedule, you will be sent a link to a Zoom meeting, which will be hosting your sessions. 

You’ll start your series of classes with an introduction to the Cebuano language. Your instructor will teach you the language’s basic grammatical structures and sentence patterns, as well as simple sentences, local expressions, and how to pronounce words properly. 

Next, you’ll get acquainted with the history and heritage of Bukidnon in a class that focuses on its traditions. The name Bukidnon comes from the root word “bukid,” which refers to land used for farming, which the province has plenty of. This feature has significant effects on the lives of the warm locals.

In your third class, you’ll learn about the food of Bukidnon. Because it is one of the major producers of corn and pineapple in the country, some of its local delicacies have those as their major ingredients. Must-tries include the binaki, a dessert of steamed corn cake, and piñasitas, a pineapple pastry.

Your final session will be a virtual tour of Bukidnon’s attractions. You’ll visit rolling grasslands, deep canyons, mountain ranges, tropical rainforests, and the pastures and farmlands that produce sugar, coffee, tomatoes, and pineapples. After your virtual tour, feel free to ask your tour guide about where to stay, what to do, and where to eat when you visit the province in person.

Immerse yourself into the landlocked province of Bukidnon in Mindanao when you book this online package. Check the availability by choosing a date.

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Day 1: Introduction to Cebuano Language
Day 2: Bukidnon Traditions and History
Day 3: Bukidnon Cuisine
Day 4: Bukidnon Tourist Attractions


Daily itinerary

Day 1
4-Day Bukidnon Philippines Online Class & Virtual Tour | Language, History, Cuisine, Tourist Spots - day 1

Day 1 - Session 1: Introduction to Cebuano Language

Learn how to introduce yourself in the local language in your first class. Your instructor will teach you basic phrases and simple sentences that will help you communicate and connect better with the locals.

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Day 2
4-Day Bukidnon Philippines Online Class & Virtual Tour | Language, History, Cuisine, Tourist Spots - day 2

Day 2 - Session 2: Bukidnon Traditions and History

Bukidnon is home to quaint villages and warm-hearted people. This class will teach you about their history and traditions, and you’ll see how closely tied the province’s farmlands are to its identity.

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Day 3
4-Day Bukidnon Philippines Online Class & Virtual Tour | Language, History, Cuisine, Tourist Spots - day 3

Day 3 - Session 3: Bukidnon Cuisine

Bukidnon is abundant in produce like corn and pineapple, so it’s no surprise that some of their local dishes use these fresh ingredients. Your guide will introduce you to delicacies such as binaki and piñasitas to whet your appetite.

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Day 4
4-Day Bukidnon Philippines Online Class & Virtual Tour | Language, History, Cuisine, Tourist Spots - day 4

Day 4 - Session 4: Bukidnon Tourist Attractions

Bukidnon is also known as the highland paradise at the heart of Mindanao, and on your virtual tour, you’ll see the grasslands, canyons, and valleys that give it that label. You’ll also visit rainforests, pastures, and farmlands where sugar, coffee, tomato, and pineapples are produced.

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The operator may cancel the tour in case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions. In this case, you will be given the option to reschedule or request a full refund. Note that being late by 15-30 minutes without any advice is considered a no-show. Schedule cancellation requests must be made 48 hours before your original schedule subject to approval.

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