Hiking Tours

Hiking Tours

Stretch those muscles and explore exciting hiking and trekking tours in the Philippines. Witness sea of clouds from mountains summits, trek to majestic waterfalls, or explore unspoiled forests.
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Hiking Tours

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Frequently asked questions

Where are the best hiking spots and tours in the Philippines?

For mountain hiking, the provinces of Batangas, Rizal, and North Luzon are favorite hiking destinations in the Philippines. For beginner hikes, Benguet’s Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg Trail and Mt. Ulap, Mt. Maculot-Rockies in Batangas, Taal Volcano in Batangas, Mt. Pinatubo in Central Luzon, and mountains in Batanes are the top choices. For the more experienced hikers, must-hike spots include Mt. Makiling Traverse in Laguna, Mt. Pulag via Akiki Trail in Benguet, Mt. Guiting-Guiting in Romblon, and Mt. Halcon in Mindoro. You can also hike/trek to waterfalls and rivers in the Philippines like Kawasan Falls in Cebu

When are the best months or season to join hiking tours?

It’s highly recommended to go on hiking tours in the Philippines during the dry season. November to February are usually cold and dry seasons, while March to April or mid-May is generally hot and dry. It’s best to avoid hiking during the typhoon season which runs from the end of May to October. Check weather updates before booking your hiking tour.

What do you need to bring to a hiking tour?

It depends on the duration and the destination of your hiking tour. Some must-haves are extra set of clothes, quick-dry towel, toiletries, personal medicine, flashlight and headlamp, hiking gloves, insect repellent, light jacket and poncho (even if it’s dry season), water bottles, utensils and food containers,post-hike footwear, whistle, and ID with emergency contact and blood type. Keep your things dry by putting them inside waterproof bags or big plastic bags. Make sure to check the inclusions of your hiking tour in the description before booking so you will know if you need to bring other items like tents, food, and cooking equipment.

What should you wear?

Since hiking requires you to stretch your legs and even do some climbing on rocks or ropes, make sure that you’re wearing comfortable and appropriate hiking attire. Some recommended hiking attire and gear dri-fit shirts, arm sleeves, compression leggings or hiking/trekking pants, windbreaker jackets, hiking/trekking shoes, cap or bonnet, sunglasses, and hiking/trekking pole. If your hiking destination has an extremely cold weather, observe proper layering of jackets: wool, fleece, and a windbreaker.

Are their guides in hiking tours?

Yes, you will be hiking with a guide who will also look out for your safety. The majority of hiking destinations in the Philippine require a local guide.

Are hiking tours safe?

Yes, if you follow your guide’s safety instructions and act with caution.

Do you need to be physically fit to join hiking tours?

Be it minor or major hikes, it is highly recommended that you are physically fit or exercise regularly before your scheduled hiking tour. Some hiking tours require a medical certificate from a doctor that declares you’re fit to climb.

Are food and drinks provided?

All-inclusive hiking tours usually include food and drinks.

Are hiking tours kid-friendly?

Teenagers with parental consent are okay to be brought to minor hiking tours. However, kids below 13 years old are not advised to be brought to hiking tours because of the difficulty of the activity. 

Is there a toilet or bathroom?

Most toilet or bathrooms are available only at the jump-off point or the registration area before and after the hike.

How long do hiking tours last?

Minor day hikes can last for 2-5 hours while major day hikes can last for 8 hours or more. Major hikes can take as long as 2-4 days.

Are there hiking tours during rainy or bad weather?

Since hiking tours are done outdoors, they are usually cancelled during rainy or bad weather for your safety. Some trails in hiking tours will have scattered rain showers especially if passing through a rain forest, that’s why it’s best to always bring a poncho and keep your belongings inside waterproof bags or plastic bags.
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