Boracay Tours and Activities

Boracay Tours and Activities

Find the best Boracay tours and water sports packages. Go snorkeling, helmet diving, paddle boarding, parasailing, banana boat, jet ski, or ride an ATV in Boracay.
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Boracay Tours and Activities

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Frequently asked questions

What is Boracay known for?

Boracay is widely acclaimed for its pristine beaches with fine white sand and crystalline turquoise waters, earning it a global reputation as a tropical haven. Nestled in the Philippines, this tropical island is revered for its beautiful sunsets, thriving marine ecosystem, and an array of water sports activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

When is the best time to visit Boracay?

The best time to visit Boracay is from December to May or during the dry season. Peak season is from March to May or the summer months, so expect an influx of visitors if ever you decide to travel during these months. Some locals also choose to visit during the holidays like Christmas or Holy Week. On average, Boracay weather is at its hottest at 30°C, while the lows are at 25°C.

What are the most popular tourist spots in Boracay?

Boracay’s most popular attraction is White Beach, one of the best white sand beaches in the Philippines, which is also home to various Boracay tours and Boracay water sports packages. Aside from White Beach, other Boracay tourist spots that you should visit include Puka Beach, D’mall, and D’Talipapa, and Boracay island hopping tours attractions like Magic Island, Crocodile Island, and Crystal Cove Island.

What are some recommended beaches to visit in Boracay aside from White Beach?

In addition to White Beach, you can explore Diniwid Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach, and Puka Beach, known for its flying foxes or fruit bat migration. For snorkeling in Boracay, Tambisaan Beach is the perfect spot, while Ariel’s Point or Magic Island is for those daring enough to do a cliff dive.

Are there island-hopping tours available in Boracay?

Yes, there are Boracay island-hopping tours that allow you to explore nearby islands and beaches. These tours are perfect for a day trip and provide opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and beach hopping.

What are some popular water sports activities in Boracay?

Boracay offers a range of water sports activities. For a different kind of adrenaline rush, you can try Boracay water sports packages like paraw sailing in Boracay (double outrigger sailboat), riding a Boracay banana boat, helmet diving, parasailing in Boracay, paddle boarding, Boracay jet ski, wakeboarding, Boracay kiteboarding, or windsurfing.

How much is helmet diving in Boracay?

Helmet diving in Boracay starts at around $12. The rates will depend on the activity package inclusions.

How much is island hopping in Boracay?

Boracay island hopping tour starts at $15. The rates will depend on the Boracay island hopping package inclusions.

What are some inland attractions and activities in Boracay?

If you want to explore Boracay's inland attractions, you should ride an ATV in Boracay or Buggy, hike to Mt Luho for a breathtaking view of the island, and explore the sights in Boracay NewCoast.

Is there a vibrant nightlife scene in Boracay?

Yes, there is a vibrant nightlife in Boracay. One popular activity is joining a pub crawl to explore the island's best bars and enjoy a fun and exciting evening.

How much time should I spend in Boracay?

Boracay Island is pretty small and can be explored in a day, so it’s best to plan for a 3D2N Boracay package. If you want to explore more of the island or enjoy the White Beach and other Boracay tourist spots as part of your Boracay itinerary, a 4D3N Boracay package or 5D4N Boracay package will be perfect for a relaxing vacation.

What other destinations are near Boracay?

Up north of Boracay Island is the Carabao Island in Romblon, while far east, across the Sibuyan Sea, is Masbate. South of Boracay is the rest of the province of Aklan and other Panay Island destinations which include Capiz, Iloilo, and Antique.

What's the best way to get around Boracay?

Tricycles are the main form of transportation to get around Boracay. You can also rent a bicycle or motorcycle. If you’re booking Boracay tours, transfers or hotel pick-up and drop-off are usually included in the tours in Boracay package.

What's the difference between Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3 in Boracay?

Boracay Station 1 is where the luxury resorts and hotels best known for honeymoon in the Philippines are located, though a few less expensive boutique hotels have also popped up here. The Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Ilig-Iligan Beach are easily accessible from Station 1. Boracay Station 2 is where most of the Boracay tours, Boracay water activities, and establishments for where to eat in Boracay that are actively open at night are located, so it’s considered the most crowded of the stations. It houses mid-range to budget-friendly lodging choices including family-friendly Boracay resorts and offers a great view of the sunset in White Beach. Boracay Station 3 is the most laidback of all the stations, perfect for those who just want to relax. Both luxury and budget hotels in Boracay can be found here. Browse our Boracay tour packages for the best-value Boracay deals with airfare and hotels.

What are the best hotels and resorts in Boracay?

There are plenty of Boracay hotels and resorts to choose for where to stay in Boracay, and the best one for you would depend on your budget. You can choose from Boracay Station 1 resorts, Boracay Station 2 resorts, or Boracay Station 3 resorts that line up White Beach. For luxury beach resorts in Boracay, you can take a look at Shangri-la Boracay Resort and Spa, Crimson Resort and Spa, The Lind Boracay, Movenpick Resort and Spa, and Discovery Shores. For mid-range Boracay resorts and affordable beach resort in Boracay but still very well-appointed, consider Two Seasons Boracay, Hennan Palm Beach Resort, The Tides Hotel, Hennan Crystal Sands Resort, Hannah Hotel, Bamboo Beach Resort and more. There are also plenty of Boracay workation resorts to choose from if you’re looking for extended-stay hotels.

What are the new rules in Boracay?

After the Boracay rehabilitation program that started in 2018, new rules were set forth for all visitors. The most important new rule is to have a printed booking confirmation from an accredited hotel. Failure to show one would mean being denied entry. Drinking and dining by the beaches are not allowed anymore, as well as lighting an open fire, like in the case of a bonfire. For smokers, make sure to only smoke in designated areas to avoid penalties. And lastly, no littering!

How do I get from Manila to Boracay?

If you’re planning on how to get to Boracay from Manila, the best way is to take a domestic flight from Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (or from Clark International Airport, if you prefer) to Caticlan Airport for about 1-hour travel time. From there, you will ride a tricycle going to Caticlan Jetty Port where you then take a quick ferry ride to Boracay Island. A cheaper but longer travel alternative is to fly to Kalibo and travel 2 hours by land to Caticlan Jetty Port to get to Boracay. There are also direct ferries from Batangas Pier to Caticlan Jetty Port. From Manila, take a bus to Batangas Pier first. If you prefer, you can take a bus (or your car or van) that will ride the RoRo (Roll On Roll Off) vessels, though this would mean longer travel time of 9 hours. Check out our Manila to Boracay packages with airfare and hotel for a hassle-free vacation.

What to wear in Boracay?

Since Boracay is a beach destination, it’s best to bring beach necessities such as swimsuit, rashguard, shirts, shorts, slippers, eyewear such as shades and goggles, towels, and a hat or cap. Wear breathable and light fabric clothes since you’ll be spending most of the time outdoors and to best enjoy the many things to do in Boracay.

Is Boracay open now?

Yes, Boracay is now open to domestic tourists amidst the COVID-19 pandemic but subject to the Boracay travel requirements and restrictions.

What is the best Station in Boracay?

The most popular and regarded as the best station in Boracay is Station 1 because of the wide stretch of white sand beach where a number of the best luxury resorts in Boracay are also located. However, if you want to be near Boracay restaurants, bars, and shops, you might find Boracay Station 2 as the best for you. For those looking for a more peaceful stay in Boracay’s budget friendly resorts, Boracay Station 3 might be more suitable for you.

Can I go to Boracay without reservation?

No, a pre-booking in DOT-accredited Boracay hotels and resorts are part of the requirements to enter Boracay.

Can I customize my tour itinerary in Boracay?

Yes, many travel agencies such as Guide to the Philippines offer customizable itineraries. You can work with them to personalize your tour based on your interests, whether it's focusing on specific activities, exploring hidden gems, or combining different attractions.

Are there age restrictions for certain tours or activities?

Yes, some tours and activities in Boracay may have age restrictions or specific requirements for safety reasons. For instance, certain water sports activities might have age or weight limitations. It's advisable to inquire with travel operators like Guide to the Philippines about any restrictions before booking.

Are there specific tours for families with children in Boracay?

Yes, there are day tours perfect for families available in Boracay. These tours, which are often included in family-friendly tour packages, are composed of activities suitable for children, such as island-hopping excursions with stops at child-friendly beaches, snorkeling in shallow waters, and visits to family-oriented attractions like animal encounters or nature parks.

What are the best-selling Boracay tours and activities?

Some of the must-try and best-selling tours and activities in Boracay that you should add to your itinerary include the Boracay island hopping shared tour, Boracay island hopping private tour, Boracay parasailing, Boracay crystal kayak activity, Boracay aquanut helmet diving activity, and Boracay sunset cruise.
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